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Thursday, January 27, 2011

This time around i wanna share my favourite Korean Accessories Online shop. These 5 online store are my favorites spot to buy some cool accessories made in Korea yet the prices are reasonable. These 5 stores offer you the latest accessories, excellence services, reasonable prices and of course follow the Korean's Fashion. Hehehe....Hallyu already strike Malaysian in these couples of years. Unbelievably, I was never interested in Korean culture before and now, i (almost) become an avid Korean fashion follower.. hahaha...
The Top 5 store listed below sell items in Ringgit Malaysia (MYR) so you don't have to convert (don't have to calculate currency exchange) or make an international transaction via PayPal, western union, etc. And of course, shipment within Malaysia is provided (ehe~). 

 The A-fashion Story has nice items in the store and the price is REALLY reasonable.  The prices range between RM25-RM8.00 (mostly). This store also have a very pleasant viewing for the customer. The page is nice and neatly arrange so that the customers can easily browse. Here, the products are affordable for teenagers or students. Oh, not to forget, the services is A++ grade... and the owner, June is very kind,  responsive to all our enquiries and she's generous... HEHEHE~~~

Korean Fashion Station is the best source for Korean fashion (in my opinion). They have listed various online shop from Korea. You just have to contact this Korean Fashion Station and they will arrange the transaction and buying. All the products are genuine, and they will ship directly from Korea.
    Yessytle have stylish products in the store. This store also provide various brands from Korea. This is a one stop for those who want the stylish designer products. The price...ehem....reasonable for their products (the products are excellent)

    Yes, as the name of the store, they have nice, beautiful and feminine products in store just for the ladies. The prices offered are affordable too.

    The price is reasonable relative to the product. Hehe...  this shop also has listed out the Korean Online Shops. so, you can choose products from the Korean shop and they will arrange them for you. But, how they present the product is quite messy.  Is not very pleasant to browse the site but the items they provided are up-to-date.

    Hmmm~ I think that's all my fave online store.  I did purchase some accessories, and they gave me a very good quality items. Here are some online accessories shop which is nice too... I should make top ten list... ehe~

    1. La Dolce
    2. Fashionjewelrytv (Singapore)
    3. 919 Accessories (Singapore)
    4. Laibay (not Korean style)

        I'll browse more and will share more other store with you next time. Thank you.

      [EDITED] ===============================================================

      I've found a very nice site for you to browse most of the Blogshop in Malaysia.
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